Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Policy



Conducting activities within the framework of defined quality standards and plans,

To protect the satisfaction of the customer by carrying out activities in order to determine the needs and expectations of the customers and to carry out continuous improvement activities of this satisfaction; to ensure that the products are preferred products by the end user,

It is our commitment to fulfill the applicable conditions and to ensure the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.


To plan and implement all necessary preventive and preventive actions for the continuous improvement of environmental interaction and prevention of environmental pollution,

To maintain natural balance by using natural resources in the most efficient and effective way while providing supply and to implement waste management system in the most effective way,

To fulfill the legal and other requirements of compliance with environmental requirements,

It is our commitment to ensure the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System in order to increase environmental performance.


To fulfill the occupational health and safety requirements of all our stakeholders starting from our employees to the maximum extent; to ensure the establishment and continuous improvement of a healthy and reliable work environment in order to prevent possible work accidents and health deterioration,

To make necessary corrections, prevention and improvement activities by making the risk assessments regarding possible normal and emergency situations that may be encountered during our activities and to ensure continuous updating of them,

It is our commitment to ensure full compliance with OHS legislation and the requirements of its member organizations.

Our Quality, Environment and OHS policy is accessible to all employees, stakeholders, public and private third parties.