Our quality policy is to carry out the activities within the framework of quality standards and plans that are set for all activities.

It is also a part of our quality policy to maintain the satisfaction level of customers by conducting activities in order to meet their needs and expectations, to do efforts for continuous improvement of their pleasure; and to ensure that our products are repeatedly preferred by the end users.



Our environmental policy is always to improve environmental interaction and to plan and carry out all necessary protective and preventive activities in order to prevent environmental pollution.

Moreover, our environmental policy is to protect the natural balance by using natural resources in the most efficient and effective way while supplying our products, and to apply waste management system effectively.



Starting from our employees, our OHS Policy is to meet our stakeholders’ occupational health and safety requirements in maximum; to create and always improve a healthy and safe working environment in order to avoid possible work accidents and health impairments. 

This policy includes also to carry out necessary correction, prevention and improvement activities by making risk assessment concerning normal and emergency situations that may occur during our activities, and to continuously update these activities.