Our Founder

Our Founder

Mehmet S. Nane was born in 1966 in Mersin. After graduating from Faculty of Agriculture of Ankara University, he started his professional life as an Agricultural Engineer in a private company. Following this function that he held for 13 months, he was appointed as Mersin Regional Manager in the same company while he was only24 years old. After occupying in this position for 3 years, he established Menta Pesticides Limited Company (Menta Tarım İlaçları Limited Şirketi) in 1994 and started to build Menta brand. After serving as regional distributor of many domestic and international companies for 11 years, he started to play an active role in domestic and international market with more than 120 trademarks under the umbrella name “Menta” through the production facilities completed in 2005 designed for pesticides and plant nutrients.

Interested in literature and scientific research, Mehmet S. Nane wrote the following books published nationwide:

Turkish Agriculture from the Past to the Present with a Focus on Agriculture in Mediterranean Region (Research),

An Overview of the History, Economic and Political Structure and Institutions of Mersin (Research),

11 years of Journey from Military Staff to General Rank(Research)

Your voice was a poem (Poems)

Kiss of sorrow (Poems)