Being aware of our responsibilities to related parties and continuing our activities based on our Integrated Management System, we hereby undertake to;

•  Abide by applicable terms, particularly the terms of primary and secondary legislation in force, requirements of Integrated Management System and other relevant standards and principles of our organization,

•  Determine, manage and take necessary actions for our risks and opportunities by following up any and all internal and external issues which may effect our activities, health and security hazards, our environmental dimensions and impacts, needs and expectations of related parties, to maintain our power of fulfilling our commitments, to implement, support and promote continuous improvement as the core culture of our organization,

•  Maintain the level of satisfaction by determining the needs and expectations of our customers, to ensure continuous improvement of that satisfaction, to produce and put on the market products which are repeatedly preferred by end users,

•  İncrease our brand value with innovative, competitive products and services, to enhance and maintain our production and employment capability so as to contribute to the national economy and R&D capacity,

•  Continue our activities in an effective manner by ensuring consultation and active participation of all of our employees in our management systems, to determine and meet all kinds of training needs for this purpose,

•  Provide all necessary resources for business processes which we manage within the unity of purpose and through effective controls in accordance with our strategic targets and manage them in a sustainable manner,

•  Create a healthy and safe working environment by raising awareness of protection of the environment, to minimize or eliminate the environmental impacts of our activities, to fulfil all requirements for prevention of pollution and protection of the environment,

•  Ensure safe and healthy working conditions in order to prevent occupational accidents and health problems by raising awareness of occupational health and safety, to carry out necessary corrective actions to remove the hazards and minimize the risks, and follow up the results,

•  Ensure that analysis services rendered as a test laboratory in some part of the business are carried out according to national and/or international standards or defined analysis methods by protecting all kinds of intellectual and proprietary rights, based on the principles of impartiality, independency, integrity and reliability and without being under any commercial or personel pressure, in accordance with the quality system established according to TS EN ISO 17025 and that continuity of the quality of monitoring works and analysis results is ensured.