Mentacol Combi 76 WP

Product Certificate and Label Mentacol Combi 76 WP


Name Of The Product : MENTACOL COMBI 76 WP
Active Substance : % 70 Propineb + % 6 Cymoxanil
Formulation Form : Wettable powder (WP)
Specification : This broad spectrum effective
fungicide owns a protective action
Group : 27-M3 FUNGICIDE
Toxicity : Toxic for bees. Toxic for fish.
Environmental Impact : No specific antidote. Symptomatic
treatment is applied.

Form Of Market Presentation: 0,8 kg


Put the product recommended in a separate bowl and put the paste obtained in the tank. Complete the tank with water. Applications can be used as a protective measure or at the latest when first symptoms of the disease are seen and the interval between the applications must be later than 7 days. The applications must be carried out so that the product  coats all the parts of the plant.


If a mixture is required, pre-mix test should be performed.


Mildew in Cucurbitaceous: Disinfestation must begin when the weather conditions are favourable for the development of mildew (before infestation). A maximum of 3 applications can be made with an interval of 10 days between the applications.

Vineyard mildew: 1st application must be made when the sprouts are 25-30 cm.and continue it at intervals of 10-12 days 

as long as weather conditions are favourable for the development of the disease.


MENTACOL COMBI Crop Protection Plant is an Fungicide classed Group 27-M3 according to its mechanism of action. Repeated applications of the same group of crop protection products lead to resistance development. For this reason, do not exceed the number of recommended applications of MENTACOL COMBI during the same season in order to avoid resistance development. In case applications carefully. need to be repeated, pay attention to use crop protection products with a different mechanism of action (apart from those of Group 27-M3). 

                                            PLANTS AND DISEASES FOR WHICH IT IS USED
PLANT NAME PEST NAME USED DOSAGE AND APPLICATION TIME Period of time between the last application and the harvest
Cucurbitaceous Mildew 
(Pseudoperonospora cubensis)
200 gr/ 100 L water 14 days
Vineyard Mildew (Plasmopara viticola) 200 gr / 100 L water 28 days